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Elk rawhide

Elk Rawhide #1

Absaroka Western Designs is a premier worker in leather and rawhide and can help you with your hide.  There are choices to make when you skin your harvested animal. Rawhide is just one choice. We can custom rawhide your deer, elk, moose, antelope or beef hide or tan it with the hair on. Absaroka Rawhide buys hundreds of skins every season and turns them into beautiful creamy organic rawhide.

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You can purchase these skins in various grades. Our #1 skins are free from holes in the majority of the skin and great for large projects. #2 skins will have a hole or two in the center and #3 are usable for smaller projects. Absaroka Rawhide has been tanning skins both hair on and rawhide for over 27 years. Our experience gives you beautiful skins to use or display.

Rawhide is a cured skin that is processed so that the hair is removed and treated with organic materials which makes the skin safe to use for so many projects. It is safe for pet consumption also. We have been endorsed by Veterinarians for pet rawhide chews unlike the commercial store bought ones. Having worked with rawhide in creating hundreds of items, Absaroka Rawhide welcome your ideas and will work with you in providing the ideal rawhide for your project.

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